TeleVisits allow you to connect with our physicians while you stay in place and practice social distancing. 
A necessary measure to help stop the spreading of COVID-19.

To get things going for your TeleVisit, please call our office at 630-832-2111 to set up a TeleVisit Appointment.

If you don’t have a device with camera, microphone and speaker we can’t do a TeleVisit – just let us know and we’ll do our best over the phone.

TeleVisits are part of our Patient Portal.
If you haven’t used the Patient Portal, just let us know and we’ll get you a Username and Password and get you activated.

After you set up a TeleVisit, we’ll send an email with detailed instructions on using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even desktop for the TeleVisit.

Once we get the TeleVisit going we’ll have both video and audio to try and work together through any problem or question you have.

Some basic information about setting up a TeleVisit is below
(you’ll get an email with this information once you’ve set up a TeleVisit):



If you have a smartphone or tablet:

Download Healow App: use your Patient Portal Username and Password to log on to app and allow access to microphone, video, and photo/camera, etc. – all of it.

When logged on to Healow App, the menu will display a circle in the top part of your screen. Select the Appointments section (highlighted in red).

In the next screen, under your appointment time, select the eye icon (on far right side). Then, at the bottom of the page, check in by selecting Start TeleVisit

FYI Healow will NOT allow check in until 20 minutes before appointment time.

After you’ve checked in, just wait and when the doctor connects, the virtual visit starts.

If you have a Laptop or Desktop with Camera, Microphone and Speakers:

The Patient Portal is compatible with Chrome browser and a TeleVisit can be conducted on a laptop/desktop that has a camera, microphone and speaker.

To use the Patient Portal go to (
with Chrome Browser

Log On with your UserID and Password.
Go to Appointments section and click on Join TeleVisit.

Follow the prompts- questionnaire and system check compatibility- until you get to Start TeleVisit to check in.

After you’ve checked in, just wait and when the doctor connects, the virtual visit starts.