“Hemangiomas” are benign tumors or birthmarks caused by an abnormal number of blood vessels in the skin resulting from proliferation. They may either be superficial in nature or reside deep within the skin. Superficial hemangiomas, which are commonly known as strawberry marks, are raised and bright red. They usually develop at approximately age six months, then begin to subside and fade until they totally disappear by around age seven. They do not require treatment unless they interfere with a vital function such as when they block vision. Deep (or cavernous) hemangiomas are blue-purple growths that do not spontaneously clear. They may be treated with oral corticosteroids, pulsed-dye laser treatments, surgery, or cryotherapy (freezing).

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Todd T. Davis,
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P.S. It is not clear why the blood vessels of a hemangioma group together, but there may be a hereditary component involved.